28 Mar


Passage Rocks: A secluded modern retreat overlooking the East Passage of Narragansett Bay.


The Playhouse

The Playhouse

The Playhouse: An early 1900s boathouse renovated as a family haven on the water of Prices Neck Cove.

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Built in 1887-88, Snug Harbor on Bellevue Avenue is an excellent example of a transitional style between the Queen Anne and Shingle styles. It was initially constructed for U.S. Navy Admiral Charles H. Baldwin.


Sulthorne North Stair


Sulthorne: Just off Bellevue Avenue, an architect designs a new shingle and stone house for his young family, and also renovates a 19th century barn on the property.


Birdsong _After_


Birdsong:  A 1940s cottage nestled near Hammersmith Farm takes on nautical style when renovated for a young family.


Breakers Stable

The Breakers Stable, Courtesy of The Preservation Society of Newport County, Andrea Carneiro

Considered one of the best surviving examples of Gilded Age coaching and storage, the recently restored Breakers Stable & Carriage House dates from 1895 and features 16 original carriages.

Audrain exterior

The Audrain Museum and renovated second floor office space

Audrain Interior

The Audrain building on Bellevue Avenue dates from the early 1900s and received the 2015 Doris Duke Preservation Award for its meticulous renovation including the automobile museum and second floor office space.